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What is Su-Jok  ?

SuJok Therapy is proving to be one of the best alternative medicine therapies lately. In acute, subacute and chronic problems, the capacity to give immediate results without any side/after-effects appears as a PERMANENT MIRACLE PROVIDER.

Sujok has the ability to treat both physical and meta-physical cases with minimal loss of TIME & ENERGY.

Of all the parts of the human organism, it is the hands and feet that most closely resemble the structure and shape of the body. Any person can easily make this discovery. Stimulation of points corresponding to the diseased areas on the hands and feet leads to healing. This fact awakens our awareness and gives us a deep understanding of the basis of the healing effect that occurs when the correspondence points are stimulated.
The Universe, including Man as a representative of living nature, is a large-scale hierarchical system with a common origin. The most diverse objects and phenomena that currently exist have evolved from ONE common source and therefore have certain similarity features. Because of the relationships between them, interaction is the basis of the integrity of large multi-level systems.

​   The true meaning of life

One understands that true satisfaction in life requires a sound mind, a calm soul and a healthy body. Illnesses prevent us from enjoying life. Therefore, man strives ceaselessly to cure the diseases that prevent him from living life to the fullest. The pursuit of a healthy life, a disease-free and restless life, is the basic instinct of every human being on earth.

It is this instinct that has given birth to various approaches to the prevention and treatment of diseases. Thus, the medical arts are constantly evolving from their earliest origins in prehistory to the present day. Be it western medicine, eastern medicine or folk medicine, the goal is the same: to prevent and cure diseases that hinder our enjoyment of a pleasant life.

The human body has an innate ability to create, maintain and improve health. The healing process is orderly and intelligent; nature heals in response to the life force. Nature knows that health and disease are conditions of the whole organism that involve a complex interaction of physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, genetic, environmental and social factors.

The role of the physician is to facilitate and enhance this process. It must take action to identify and remove barriers to recovery and health. The body has the potential to heal itself; The physician's job is to provide the appropriate tools to allow him to do so. Therefore, the harmonious functioning of all aspects of the individual should be treated as a whole, as it is necessary for the prevention of the disease and recovery from it. This process requires a personalized and comprehensive approach to diagnosis and treatment.
Sujok Therapy offers such an approach, suggesting a variety of treatment systems that are helpful and effective in improving and maintaining health.


The history of medical treatment, both traditional and non-traditional, is marked by many stages of development in helping man cure disease. A recent development, Sujok Therapy shows promise in curing almost any physical, mental and emotional illness. Countless medical professionals and general citizens in hospitals and at home have studied this treatment system since its discovery and have recorded outstanding results in curing diseases.

​ ​

Sujok Therapy is a valuable contribution to the history of medicine.

Distinguished scientist, scientist and philosopher Prof. Park, Jae Woo, has spent many years fulfilling his mission to develop this valuable contribution to the history of medicine. The Sujok Treatment System he developed is the result of extensive research on the correspondence systems of the human body in the hands and feet. Thus, Sujok therapy arises from the observation of the similarity of the hand and foot regions to the human body as a whole. Numerous research and clinical tests by scientists in research institutions, doctors specializing in alternative medicine and ordinary people at home have proven the interaction between hands and feet and the effect of activity in these areas on the whole organism.

Indeed, any person can easily discover that the hands and feet most closely resemble the structure and shape of the body. Stimulation of these areas on the hands and feet corresponding to the affected areas of the body leads to healing. We understand the effects of Sujok therapy on the body because we understand the healing powers of stimulating the respective areas of the hands and feet. And because we understand the Universe itself, whose representative is man, as a hierarchical system with a common origin. Therefore, we see Sujok therapy as using all nature's similarities and connections to improve the human condition.

How to Become a SuJok Practitioner?

To become a Sujok practitioner, you do not need to have any healthcare background. Anyone who wants to improve himself, loves to learn and work, and wants to add value in his journey of self-discovery can become a Sujok practitioner.

Anyone who wants to apply to himself and his family can be used as a support or main treatment in addition to treatments in acute and chronic conditions.
Certified trainings are systematically progressing within the Sujok therapy branches. There is an exam at the end of each level and those who pass the exam are entitled to receive the certificate.​ ​


SUJOK healers are NOT MEDICAL DOCTORS. Therefore, we should advise patients in any unusual symptoms to consult their doctor for medical diagnosis.

SUJOK and all other medical practices go hand in hand. They are neither in competition with each other nor do they want to prove who is superior.

That is why we must respect all healing systems.

Sujok correspondence system level 1 and meridian sujok ki level are two objective treatments.

AND  All subsequent higher levels are consciousness therapy..

❇ Purer and stronger conscience will give stronger/effective treatment result.

❇ Consciousness can be strengthened by meditation and observing your emotions and adapting to a healthy lifestyle.

❇ EGO, boasting and dominant attitudes are the biggest obstacles to strengthening consciousness.

You can adapt your emotions to convey a perfect (SMILE CONSCIOUSNESS) Positive outlook.

​ ​




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What is Ring Massage?

The massage ring is one of the most popular items of Sujok therapy. It is simple but very effective in stimulate all organs.

​ ​

It promotes an instant sense of well-being and brings a smile to the body and mind.

​ ​

Ring massage at correspondence points is very useful if there is a pain in the body or discomfort in an organ.

​ ​

Don't be surprised to hear it called a magic massage ring.

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