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Yoga at Home

Not Alternative
Natural Treatment 

Today the point reached in the medical world has actually turned into a demand for natural methods used in previous centuries again.

When you join us, you will be a part of the healing.

About me

Naya İlknur ÇİMEN

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I smiled at your heart

Hello , 


I sincerely smile to everyone…

I was born in 1980 in Bolu. I continued my primary, secondary and high school education in Istanbul.

After graduating from Uludag University, Faculty of Agriculture, Food Engineering  I have worked in the field of cosmetics production and R&D for 15 years. 

Hashimoto and fibromyalgia that came into my life 20 years ago and my interest in holistic therapies, began with a Su-Jok I took.  It started after therapy, I learned different treatments. During  my bioresonance studies ,   I experienced various holistic education with experts in different countries; I organized trainings.  

Finally and proudly I am a Sujok Lecturer on ISA online platform which is Established by PROF.PARK JOE WOO. 

   The treatment metaphysically and  physical with SuJok ,  combining with seed therapy  supports our health. 

     I would like to thank Prof Park Jae Woo for presenting it.

This is how my story started... and it continues...  


Healing us all  never mind …  


Naya Ilknur Cimen


ISA Sujok Therapist

Naha C. Holistic Therapist

Bioresonance Specialist

Hashimoto & Fibromyalgia 


Our Online Workshops

Check out our seminars that are suitable for you, which you can attend from any platform you connect to the internet.

What Are Sujok Ingredients? How do I get it?

Get to know the equipment to be used in our drug-free treatment methods, from the detection of the disease to the physical remedies to be applied

Note Leavers

Messages From Our Participants


"Our journey with you is growing and getting better day by day with SU JOK. 
For what you brought and took away from my life :))
In this process, I send my gratitude and love to all my dear women who have been good to my heart.
You taught our hearts to smile.

May your path lead with abundance and prosperity.


Brand Consultant
Content Manager


I divided my health life into two as before İlknur teacher and after İlknur teacher. After I met him and received training, my relationship with the hospital almost fell apart. I only go to my GP when I need a report due to work. 
In the past, when I had pain (I had 2 surgeries due to herniated disc), I used to take my breath either in the emergency room or at my closest nurse friend. I would get painkillers and muscle relaxers. 
Now I can treat myself. I help not only myself but everyone around me. Especially in this Kovit period, I saw so much benefit from what I learned that I both prayed and gave thanks. 
I'm glad I got to know you, glad I learned SuJok. 
Thank you very, very much. 
I put a big smile on everyone who puts their heart into this job, contributes, helps, teaches, works in its infrastructure, and runs the business behind it.




Dear İlknur Teacher, 
I am glad that social media has given you a gift to us..
While listening to what you said in the first lessons of the Sujok workshop, “I wonder?” I was saying…
I did not want to miss any of your training as I applied and got results.
You opened a new window in my life. I can't thank you enough..




When you meet beautiful people, you will understand at first glance. What they teach may sound different. You can even tell little by little what you have learned; First they laugh at you. Then you say Su-Jok, Madam and Ilknur Hanım  You say (the light of my eye), dear women who tell tirelessly; Behind her is another dear woman, Ms. Senay 
Good thing they are! Secret codes of the body, simple applications, challenging trainings, versatile sharing and teachings... thank you very much for everything.
Now We Talk Yes but Sujok-ça :))  




One of the best things I've ever done for myself was to attend your training. My perspective on seeds, pens and many other things has changed.
Thanks to you, I learned about the unknown face of hands and feet and what can be done with them. 
The worst part is  addicting :))
I will come behind you with my eyes closed. 
In addition to the life-long knowledge learned  I can't tell you how much money it is to get to know valuable people like you.
Good luck to you and always be ❤️



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